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Norway March 2020

I have enjoyed the outdoors ever since, I as a young recruit was told to hike through a stream in January and sleep in a bivouak in the forest. Over the following years my enjoyment grew, and my search for the ultimate ultralight outdoor existence began in earnest  back in 2006 when I began importing lightweight hiking gear to Denmark. My brilliant first idea was to go around to the traditional stores and make them realize, that there was a whole world of hiking gear that was so much more interesting and fun to use than the traditional stuff they were carrying, and off course they could buy it from me at a good price.

Needless to say,  they were not that interested, as the profit margin for them was too low for them to bother with me and my ideas. My response was to open my own webshop called Backpackinglight.dk and sell the gear directly to the users instead of going through a middle man. One of my key business values was to only sell gear, that I myself would use. That was a great idea, because it gave me the perfect excuse for getting outside and getting myself dirty in the wild.

This has led me on many a hike both in and out of Denmark,  trying out lots of different gear, different hiking techniquees and having many an opportunity to reflect on our attachment to the outdoors. As a way of documenting these travels and musings, I began writing and publishing this blog.

The content started out being solely in Danish and comprised of reports from hikes, gear reviews, philosophy and other assorted stuff on the outdoors and our role in nature. It was also about techniques, advice on how to get the most of your gear and yourself on outdoor trips. In 2017 the webshop moved on to a new owner, and I again wanted to focus more on blogging and getting out there where it’s dirty and fun. The blog moved to this new name. The old posts have moved with it, but some of them look a little funny. The new content will primarily be in Danish but some items will be of international interest and therefore be written in English, like this intro for instance.

Ultralight Pedestrian is, as the name implies, all about the ‘less is more’ type of approach to life and adventuring in the outdoors.


Content on the blog ultralightpedestrian.com is mine, and must not be used without the permission of me. All photos and texts are are mine unless otherwise noted. I am very much into sharing, but please get in touch with me before using any content.

Gear reviews and trips:

My love for hiking is my main outdoor pursuit, but I have been spotted on skiis, in a packraft or kayak and lately with the bikepacking revolution of bike bags. I have refound my love for cycling long distances in nature. I love the mountains and forests most but as a Dane and Viking descendant the sea also calls to me.  I have extensive experience with different types of outdoor gear and are happy to help you out with testing and reviews of clothes and equipment that I identify with, and find are relevant for me and my readers.

I retain editorial control of any content on this site, and I only review gear that I find interesting and have actually used for an resonable amount of time in a typical outdoor activity and environment. My reviews take time, and are as detailed and accurate as possible. As a blogger I consider myself an independent and you get honest and impartial review, there is therefore no guarantee of a favorable review.

I usually go hiking or biking once a month and have two or more long expedition type trips every year somewhere in Europe or other places. The last couple of years I have been in the Norwegian mountains, in the Spanish  Pyrenees and hiked across Scotland twice. This year 2021 with Corona virus lockdown. I am planning to mostly stay local and do Denmark Across on bike and if permitted a quick run to Norway in a packraft and some hiking.

If you would like me to visit your area or region, and have me write about it then please get in touch for further talks.

Contact info:

email: niels@ultralightpedestrian.com
mobile:  +45 20 84 12 12

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