Ultralight Pedestrian

Human powered minimalistic approach to life, love and the outdoors by foot, bike and paddle


Some new things has happend to me over the summer period. I have closed down backpackinglight.dk which has been my way of contributing to the influx of ultralight hiking in Svandinavia and Europe. It has been great fun most of the time, but the time had come for a change. I was beginning to realize that I had too many eggs in one basket, and some of them had to go. As you might know I am a great fan of simplifying your life, so that’s basically what happend.

My old blog was found at blogspot and was called backpackinglightdk.blogspot.dk, but since I won’t be backpackinglight.dk anymore, it was also time for a name change. I hope you like it.

The site right now is a work in progress. I hope to move all my old blog post (in Danish) into an archive. The blog will from now on primarily be in English. Content will be the same gear reviews, outdoor travel, musings on the philosophy of outdoor recreation and life in general. I also hope to do more in the photo department in the future.

So welcome!

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